Vidyadaan Approach

At Vidyadaan achievement simply means an all round capability and excellence as per individual capacity and potential.

In order to bring out the maximum potential in Each Kid so their achievements will reach the maximum. . .

  • We encourage from LKG level onward open and free approach for the kids to reach ou
  • We help them to communicate in English as well as in Kannada (native language)
  • We help the kids to get rid of stage fear
  • We strongly encourage questioning. Our Lesson plans and approach insists on questioning and quizzing based self learning
  • We provide ample opportunity to each one of kids to bring out the best in them
  • We create a challenging environment to the class to compete and excel
  • Our teachers apply innovative techniques and keep helping in continues improvement
  • We encourage both academic and extracurricular activities to excel and shine

Our proven methods

Open and free approach

  • Create a threat free and playful environment
  • Listening with attention to kids
  • Being friendly
  • Doing “hands on” activities with them
  • Creating homely environment
  • Creating homely environment

Challenging environment

  • By giving exposure to the topic beyond books in the form of field trip and videos
  • Conducting quiz competition, elocution, discussions and debate
  • Allowing them to explore internet and discuss concepts regarding selected topics

Get rid of stage fear

  • Children are encouraged to sing a rhyme, narrate a story in front of the class
  • Making them face the peer group in the class Example: come to the board to read, write and explain presentation of a topic
  • Encourage News reading in the assembly

Apply innovative techniques

  • By understanding what works for the children and incorporating the same through well thought out lesson plans
  • Visual mode of learning (through Multi-media) to avoid confusion and help better understanding and conceptualisation
  • Hands on activities, projects
  • Use of technology to make teaching more interesting

Ample opportunity to each one

  • Evaluate kids for holistic education and by introducing fun education through clubs in the field of science, maths, songs, dance, sports etc
  • Encouraged to participate in inter school competition
  • Develop skills to read lessons, comprehend as a group, explain concepts to encourage self-learning under teacher’s guidance

Encourage both academic and extracurricular activities

  • By encouraging kids to participate in both inter and intra school activities like Dance , Drama, sports, Quiz, elocution, extempore, debate ,
  • Recitation, painting etc
  • Conducting regular tests , role play, reading etc for academic assessment
  • We customise our teaching for the class of not more than 20 students to keep them encourage and motivated to excel in their skill and
  • Allow them to spend enough time both in library and computer lab

Communicate freely

  • One on one conversation with the students
  • By explaining the meaning of difficult spoken word with reference to the contest in Kannada
  • Simple animated stories according to the children’s age are shown to them in English then ask them to explain the same in Kannada
  • Collaborate with Kannada Faculty to help the kids to find parallel meanings of words
  • The kids develop the skills to use English-Kannada Dictionary
  • Encourage to narrate a known story in their own words
  • Immerse children in English speaking & reading

Encourage questioning and quizzing

  • By developing curiosity towards the subject ( Creating interest and liking towards the subject)
  • While learning a lesson children are encouraged to come up with questions and the whole class brainstorm and find the answers collectively
  • We do not judge the quality of the question
  • Create an open environment for children to feel comfortable to ask any question in the class
  • Go beyond the text book & relate to daily life situations
  • Asking children to frame questions (not found in the book), for each lesson