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Vidyadaan believes that it is responsibility of the entire community to come forward & educate the uneducated, specially the under privileged. No initiative will last long or achieve objectives without participation from all sections of society. On one hand, we are thankful to the donors who have reposed trust in us & continued to contribute in this movement and on the other we constantly look for like minded partners who are ready to walk the distance with us.

We welcome long term non revenue participation from everyone, specially Bangaloreans. They can partner us to make that little difference we are looking for, in areas like educating, contributing to content creation for Vidyadaan, in administering & managing systems, join us as advisors on the Board & improve our school.

A few souls have been involved in this energetically from 2016 onwards

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Vidyadaan school needs and seeks support from Donors across India and across Globe.

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Vidyadaan school needs and seeks active and in person support from Volunteers in various school activities.

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