We have conducted an amazing session on Food Literacy as part of extended science activities for our class 4th and 5th kids. The activity was led by Lingala Naresh Reddy, founder at ‘Tharunam’, a non-governmental organization working on a mission ‘to use food as a medium for social change and make it universally available and affordable’.

Food Literacy should be a must sought skill by all generations. Healthy food production and consumption impact the socio-economic status of every family and thereby every nation. Attaining food literacy at an earlier stage will help kids to understand their nutrition requirements and approach food and agriculture with more conscience.

– Anupama


Lateral thinking is an underrated skill in school curriculum. Teachers also rarely promote Out of the box thinking due to various curriculum constraints such as syllabus completion.

A good brainstorming session can enable students to come up with innovative ideas and helps to grow their imagination power.

Seen above is a small lateral thinking activity “Experimenting with shadows”, conducted as part of a classroom activity while teaching the poem “Shadows”. Students were asked to create drawings with shadows and explore different ideas. This allows the kids to think and get creative and develop lateral thinking long with understanding the poem better.

In the above picture, the student try to form a shadow of glasses with wire and then drew the face with arrogant expression.

Student name- Manish, class 5
Teacher Name and subject – Farzana/English


Vidayadaan school celebrated Independence Day uniquely this year. Karwai (parade proceedings) was the first time of its kind in Vidyadaan. Higher grade students after receiving training for a couple of weeks gave their best on that day. The piloting team was at its best while receiving Chief Guest Mr Chandrasekhar. The crisp commands of contingent leader Madhukesh were noteworthy. Smartly dressed contingent with zero haircut, drum beats, bugle added on to the charm of the celebration.

Virtual program – Vikram and Bethal version of — “The journey towards Indian Independence” presented by the Social Science department was the highlight of the program. The entire History from 1600 to 1947 was covered in a span of 19 mins. Students’ talents were utilized to the maximum in making this video. Editing, graphics, voice-over and keyboard as background music were all contributions of our own young talents. Pictures of tiny tots as freedom fighters was also utilized.
The global pandemic did not dampen the spirit of patriotism and celebration of Independence Day at our school.

Program Coordinator


The save-spend-share activity is a simple and powerful way to help students develop good money habits. Teaching them to divide their earnings can lay a strong foundation for a financially healthy future. The students have enthusiastically prepared three boxes to divide their pocket money and know when to use the contents of each box.

Pravalika Paul, Finance


“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing” – Dale Carnegie.

Why should students have all the fun? The teachers of our school are constantly identifying & implementing fun activities, interactive teaching methods and online gamification to engage the students and keep the motivation strong throughout the year.

This initiated the conversation around the well-being of teachers’ mental health during this stressful time. Management and teachers are spending extra working hours to ensure the smooth functioning of online classes, tests, co-curricular activities, implementation of new technology, meetings, discussions and whatnot!

Yoga Day Celebration

Teachers need a break from schoolwork. Our school’s management came up with the idea of a Fun Saturday, similar to the Corporate Fun Friday. Teachers are encouraged to interact with other colleagues, which has been lost after the schools have been shut down. On Saturdays, the teachers are given a platform to share stories, play fun games or just have a good laugh. It is really heartwarming to see the smiles on our teachers’ faces.

We began with a self-paced Kahoot! quizzes with themes ranging from subjects to movies. This promotes healthy competition among teachers, and their active participation is proof of their enthusiasm towards these activities. Live meetings are organized for early morning Yoga sessions to de-stress the mind or just a fun Never Have I Ever game where many realities were revealed. 

Craft work by Ms Poornima

Vidyadaan School is proud of creating and implementing a happy workplace for teachers. We hope to continue this throughout the year and make this is a success in every possible way. 

— Pavithra & Pravalika