A sneak peek into our kids’ creative world

The switch to digital content in schools is inevitable. But at Vidyadaan, our Founder’s vision sped up our process of making learning fun and interesting for our primary schoolers. Teachers as well as students today think beyond textbooks and explore and learn things in a new, fun way. We are using various online portals and practical methods to impart quality and meaningful education to our children.


Tiny tots

Unprecedented times need innovative measures .one such measure was the
‘online tutorials for students’. It was a first and one of a kind experience
for us as well as the students. Our tutorials spanned across creative
avenues like craft, yoga, meditation, storytelling and painting to name a
few. The tutorials we designed to tickle the creative and enthusiastic side
of the kids mind. All of the tutorials were interactive and Do-along
sessions to provide an immersive experience. And the response we have
gotten was amazing. It was a soul enriching experience for us too, on so
many levels, personal, professional and pragmatic.


In these testing times, it’s important for all of us to stay healthy mentally,
creatively, and spiritually. And through this online program, we are hoping
to achieve that, for the little kids and for us too .This pictures are a
testimony of the same .Wishing health and happiness to everyone out
there. We will fight this pandemic together, and come out safer and
stronger than ever .let love and humanity prevail. We will fly again, like
never before.

Teaching social science without going to school???

Teaching social science without going to school??? I would have laughed at this question had it been a few months ago. But today it is the reality that I must admit that I have been enjoying this new experience. Teaching learning experiences with 5th and 6th graders is wonderful. Though there were few glitches in the beginning we are now confidently moving forward with activity based learning.

Suchithra Gaikwad
Department of Social Science

Here are few samples of activity based learning.


A free Webinar on Choosing the right Career Stream after 10th grade,especially during this pandemic was organized by team Ubuntu, Mumbai for the Vidyadaan School (Doddaballapur, Bangalore rural) 10th grade students to enable to choose right career streams. The students got the insights to various streams available currently and also the current trends that are scaling up. The students were active and inquired about specific streams that interested them. They also got insight on giving their own aptitude and interest a priority while choosing the streams.

Date: 29th June 2020

Mode: Online Zoom platform

Currently, in this moment of crisis the blended learning model is leveraging technology for self-learning, along with support for classroom practice. The online learning has provided opportunity to the children to grow at their own pace in a safe and caring environment. The students and teachers are learning to negotiate with the NEW NORMAL…by exploring ways and help themselves to thrive inside and outside of the

Laxmi Sarada V
Science Department