Annual Report 2017-2018


As we approach the end of this academic year and our 9 years of service towards providing free quality education since inception in 2009, we take this opportunity to thank the Almighty Lord for his blessings and guidance to our teachers & students.

There is a great saying:Real education teaches you more than a job. It teaches you to live it cannot be measured in any tangible way.

Our focus as educators this year was academic excellence & holistic development of the students.

Vidyadaan School witnessed Harappan civilization come alive on August 10th 2017. 6th graders of the school showed immense interest in taking up the initiative of rebuilding History from “Stone Age ” to “Harappan Civilization”.

Students displayed their creations right from – cave paintings, stone tools, small huts(representing first settlements) to Granaries, Big bath, Citadel, clay toys and seals used by Harappans. Students also took turns in giving a brief description to the viewers about their exhibits.

Harappans well planned city with good drainage system was the highlight of the exhibition and definitely a lesson to take home.

RTE (Right To Education)

The school has brought a smile on the under served parent’s faces and has given a perfect platform to provide a bright future for the 10students who were admitted to LKG this year under the Right To Education Act of the Government. It swells our chest with pride that all our children would qualify to be educated under RTE given their economic & societal background.


Vidyadaan family comprises of 25 well trained, experienced & dedicated teachers and 15 Supporting Staff. This year saw the school add grade VII, in our march towards providing higher secondary education. In the process7 teachers joined the school, to educate the growing number of students.

We appreciate the tremendous effort of the teachers &co-operation on the part of everyone associated with the school. A special mention is due to committed volunteers who helped us teach children values & skills all year long.

Staff Enrichment Programs

In keeping with the school’s policy of continuous up gradation of knowledge and skills, our teachers attended various workshops and seminars organized by the school and others.

Brief details of few programs are listed below
  1. Oxford University Press India -English training program
  2. A workshop on classroom planning and management & “teaching through Inquiry based learning” conducted by Mr Chandrashekar .
  3. A workshop on how to make “elesson plans” in various subjects conducted Mr Sriganesh. All teachers have since created the plans & hosted on the school server.
  4. Staff members who had completed more than 5 years were facilitated with a Certificate of Appreciation. They are: Mrs Jayashree Sridhar, Mr Radhakrishnan, Mrs. Anusuya and Mrs. JyotiAnil.
Student Enrichment Programs

To ensure that our students are equipped to face any challenge, we have focused on few Student Enrichment Programs as follows:

A talk on Value Education by Mr. Pawan. He is the Founder of Shreyas Resorts and Ex-Hedge Fund Manager.

  1. Teachers taught to the senior graders health education through a UK based organisation “Kidshealth”, to generate early age interest in healthcare as a career opportunity.
  2. A “Bal Shibir” conducted by the youth wing of Sri SriRavishankar’s ashram on Yoga, Meditation and Pranayam.
  3. PTA meetings were held twice this year to review the activities of the students and seek parent’s participation and feedback. Various orientation and awareness programs were organized for the parents like:
  1. Rabies awareness program.
  2. Know your child: (to help parents to interact with their children better)

Mental Ability Test for Class V – VII was held to judge the student’s power of reasoning, ability to think and judge, evaluate or discriminate and the ability to visualise.

Mid-day Meals

Vidayadaan school provided free mid- day meals to the 425 students of the school, every day of school.

School Clubs

Various Co-Curricular Activities were held under different Clubs to develop children physically, morally, socially and mentally and to hone skills in co-scholastic areas. These clubs include: Yoga, Dance, Math, Science, Art and Craft, Music, etc. Students participated in regular Club activities where they displayed their talent.


Now let us walk you through a glimpse of the functions that marked the school calendar this year.

Environment day

Vidyadaan celebrated world Environment day on 5th June of 2017. The lower graders got seeds and saplings which was planted in the school. The higher graders made charts, played a small skit and spread a message to save earth through “mime”. The students took on oath to save earth by planting more trees. Students of all graders were educated by teachers of respective classes to save water.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Students at Vidyadaan celebrated Ganesh Chaturti in a unique way. They had a hands-on experience of moulding clay, into divine idols of Ganesha. Eco friendly idols were displayed at the end of the day. Students of lower primary coloured the picture of Ganesha which they drew using simple strokes.

It was a message for the whole school to understand that it was each one’s responsibility to contribute towards a better environment.

The Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in our school this year. The whole school was decorated with shades of the Indian Flag. The passageways were beautified with posters made by the students. The Chief Guest was Mr. Rajanna, Commissioner for differently abled, and his wife. Various cultural programs were conducted by the children. This included songs and dances, march past. The penultimate event was a wonderful and daring P.T display followed by a Human Pyramid by our senior students.

School Elections for Captains, Vice-Captains and Prefects

School witnessed elections for the house group Captains, Vice-Captains and Prefects with a touch of authentic election process. All children followed the election process of nomination, creating voters list, casting of votes in to ballot boxes & declaring the results. Children were happy to conduct their own free & fair election.

Rajyotsava Day Celebrations

Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebrations was held at our school. Students and Teachers took keen interest and participated in the celebration in true patriotic spirit. The celebration was filled with Kannada patriotic songs and folk dances popular in Karnataka


Important days like Children’s Day, Teachers Day, and Women’s Day were celebrated.

Co-Curricular activities

By providing a conducive and encouraging environment the students are mentored to participate in a variety of intra and interschool activities/competitions. Some of the co-curricular activities are as follows:


In the PrathibhaKaranji (a cultural & literary competition) held in Doddaballapur, students participated in various individual and group items displaying their talents beyond the school premises. Many students won prizes for their performances.

Mobile Planetarium

Children from all standards participated in astronomy education conducted by “Tare Zameen Par”, a company which set up a mobile Planetarium within the school on Children’s Day. This huge state-of-the-art six-meter digital mobile planetarium cinema dome brought the 360° experience into the school. It was ‘out of the world’ experience for the children as they had never been to a Planetarium nor watched a show on space.

Drawing Competition

RBL Bank conducted a Drawing Competition in the school campus for the students of IV, V, VI and VII grades.

The topic for IV and V grades was ‘Life under water’. The topic for VI and VII standards was ‘Life in a forest’. All the children participated enthusiastically and proved that they were second to none.

Study Tour

As a part of study tour, our students visited:

A. UNIBIC Biscuit Factory, Bangalore

The students went for this tour with the teachers. The students enjoyed the tour to the fullest extent as they had gained a lot of knowledge about how to bake cookies and biscuits. They also got a chance to buy some biscuits and posed for pictures at the kiosk ‘UNIBIC TAUGHT ME TO BAKE!’.

B. Visveswaraya industrial and technological museum

The students went for this tour, a treasure trove of knowledge & science through live demonstration to get a fun filled educational experience. It is a place where science merges with frolic, an ultimate pleasure for children & adults alike. The Children were found observing the things with great interest& making their own notes.


In today’s times, we hear a lot about child abuse and molestation.

Our Principal Mrs Jayashree Sridhar gave the girl students of the V –VII an insight into what ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ is and how they should deal with such situations.


This year saw the school complete construction of 4 new classrooms & a small amphitheatre. Brianna K, a volunteer made the principal & teachers rooms & the school precincts colourful & educational with colourful wall paintings.


Many milestones have been achieved and many more remain in our journey to build literate students with strong character. Vidyadaan will continue its’ untiring efforts to mould the young minds into emotionally balanced personalities with confidence and zeal to leave a mark in this world. We take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to students, staff both teaching and non-teaching, volunteers, donors and well-wishers for their whole hearted co-operation.

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