Teacher’s Bingo

In Indian education system, on an average a teacher work for 7 hours within school ( plus preparation, corrections, special class, other gov duties, chores etc). During this 7 hours, a teacher interact with 80-100 students – students from varying socioeconomic backgrounds – with entirely different learning styles. Yeah, its actually a tough job ☺️ !!!

A teacher’s emotional state directly impact their students. No doubt that pandemic has taken a severe toll on our teacher’s mental health. Teacher’s emotional well being is a hardly discussed topic even within academic spaces. Don’t you think it is a high priority concern to be addressed?

We are trying to initiate a talk within our school – on teacher’s mental health, their emotional resilience and a lot more.

Thus, last week, we have tried a bingo game – teacher’s version. This was inspired by a post shared by Gavin ❤️ McCormack on kindness bingo.

The bingo game created a new wave of energy and open communication among my teachers. Rather than a competition, this ended up in a collaborative work among them.

Have a look at it.

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