Pratham Foundational Reading Course

Last year, when we commenced offline classes, our teachers faced a lot of difficulties to proceed with the regular syllabus. Lockdown impact on students was worse than we thought. Students of the same class were at different learning levels and it made the teaching more difficult. After numerous meetings, teachers decided to give a halt to the standard syllabus and to start from the scratch. Teachers were in desperate need to address this issue and that’s when we decided to use Pratham Reading Assessment Tool. All of our teachers attended Pratham Assessment of Foundational Reading course online and we administered the reading assessment for the students of class 1-5. The assessment gave a deep insight into the reading level of students. We decided to launch remedial classes and start tutoring students based on the assessment results. We are now on the fifth month and we are seeing promising improvement in our students.

Teachers might do their best to help students with or without a tool, but, administering reading assessment gave a new perspective of scientific approach in evaluating students. This also gave a targeted vision to teachers, as now they have real-time data on hand which they collected. The ownership of the process and clear targets helped a lot in designing solutions and implementing it in classrooms.

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