Vidayadaan school celebrated Independence Day uniquely this year. Karwai (parade proceedings) was the first time of its kind in Vidyadaan. Higher grade students after receiving training for a couple of weeks gave their best on that day. The piloting team was at its best while receiving Chief Guest Mr Chandrasekhar. The crisp commands of contingent leader Madhukesh were noteworthy. Smartly dressed contingent with zero haircut, drum beats, bugle added on to the charm of the celebration.

Virtual program – Vikram and Bethal version of — “The journey towards Indian Independence” presented by the Social Science department was the highlight of the program. The entire History from 1600 to 1947 was covered in a span of 19 mins. Students’ talents were utilized to the maximum in making this video. Editing, graphics, voice-over and keyboard as background music were all contributions of our own young talents. Pictures of tiny tots as freedom fighters was also utilized.
The global pandemic did not dampen the spirit of patriotism and celebration of Independence Day at our school.

Program Coordinator

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