We have all grown up listening to stories, be it from our grandparents, parents, friends, or teachers. Reading and storytelling help in brain development, language, and emotional development and offer children a scope to develop their creativity and imagination.

StoryWeaver from Pratham publications is one platform we use at Vidyadaan to make storytelling interesting and interactive for kids. StoryWeaver is a rich, multilingual, digital platform with a variety of stories on diverse topics. The best part of StoryWeaver is that the stories are simple and our children can relate to them easily. All the stories have been assigned a reading level, starting from stories for emergent readers to advanced ones. Therefore, it becomes easy for a teacher to pick up stories as per the reading and understanding capability of her class. The bright, colourful illustrations make the stories very attractive for the students. Read-along options provided with many of the stories also make it easy for the students to follow the story. The StoryWeaver platform also gives an opportunity to curate and re-level stories or translate them to suit the needs of our children.

Until all these years, StoryWeaver was part of the English curriculum at Vidyadaan. But from this academic session (2021-’22), a major change was brought in by the school management and textbooks have been completely removed for the primary school.

This gives the English teachers the liberty to pick up the finest stories from StoryWeaver for their classes. When following a prescribed textbook, all chapters need to be completed, irrespective of whether the story is interesting, difficult, and/or lengthy for our children.

However, with this big jump from textbooks to StoryWeaver, learning English at Vidyadaan has become more level-appropriate, interactive, and fun. Additionally, StoryWeaver is a free platform and can be easily accessed by our students and thereby, has been really helpful in the new normal—learning and teaching virtually.

Ms. Farzana

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