Technology is being integrated into teaching environments with the aim of enhancing engagement and motivation among students. In particular, game based learning platforms have been found to enhance classroom dynamics and improve the overall student’s learning experience.

Students are eager to experiment with different technologies to support their learning, largely because they’re skilled in the use of mobile technology and enjoy using engaging applications and game-based platforms. Kahoot! is a game based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. It is a fun and colourful tool that allows the user to incorporate videos, images and diagrams to quiz questions to amplify engagement. Teachers provide students with multiple-choice questions, which are projected on a classroom screen or can be assigned to students who can play on their personal devices.

It is not only educational for the students, but also supports teachers’ transition to online learning. This platform allows the teachers to explore the tool at their own pace, provides in-built quizzes for all subjects and enables them to take advantage of the resources by blending traditional learning approaches with newer, more collaborative audio and visual tools.

The use of educational games as learning tools is found to support the development of students’ cognitive, motivational, emotional and social outlook. At Vidyadaan, we focus on educating the first generation students through inquiry based experiential learning. This vision can be achieved by introducing game-based student response systems such as Kahoot! It uses a gamification approach to support learning and also adds fun to the learning experience.

Since the introduction of Kahoot! at Vidyadaan School, students and teachers alike are enthusiastic about using the platform and has created excitement toward learning and teaching process. It is a tool that motivates and activates students’ learning because it can test their knowledge, reiterate important concepts, and help them retain information.

-Ms Pravalika Paul


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