Class in the time of Corona: A learning experience for both teachers and students

At the very first thought of teaching online, I realized I had to learn a lot. Neither did I have any experience of teaching online nor did the children of attending online classes. Teaching online was a new concept for both me and my students. In this short journey, I wanted to share my learnings. I have now created classroom materials that can be easily accessed by students online. I learnt that students are interested in regular communication and feedback given to them on their progress. Assignments and activities that are classroom-based take more time when done online, as we have to make their online versions more attractive. Additionally, since students require constant motivation to do their assignments, I had to personally check on students who are unable to cope up with the online classes. I will have to admit that overall, online teaching has made me a better teacher in terms of developing innovative ways to teach the concepts to my students.

Apoorva, English Department, Primary School

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Year 2020 is proving to be a difficult year for all of us. Children are especially suffering a lot because it has affected their social as well as academic life. But thanks to technology, we, as teachers, are able to help them make up for the losses by means of online classes. Even though it is a challenging task, we are exploring and learning

new ways to communicate and interact with our students. Although slow, we are making steady progress in the way we are teaching them. The school management is also helping us learn the latest technologies to achieve these goals. I sincerely hope and pray that such times will change, and things will come back to normal soon.

Shimna, English Department, Primary School

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This pandemic has taught us many lessons, the most important being the ability to adapt to any situation and cope with it. That’s exactly what we are doing as teachers: learning and figuring out ways to make classes interesting and useful at the same time. It has definitely been challenging but also been a continuous process of learning so far.

Farzana,English Deparment, Middle School

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