The teaching learning for the academic year 2020-21 started amidst chaos of COVID-19 pandemic. For the teachers at Vidyadaan, it was a bigger challenge as the students come from underprivileged background. The attempt was made to convert school to school of potential as we didn’t want to lose the thread of learning and wanted to build authentic connections.

The questions which prompted us to act were:

  • Whose need is online learning?
  • How we will engage and inspire children online?
  • How do we reach those who are not having internet facility or challenged with only one mobile phone which their parents carry to work?
  • The above points were addressed by continuous support and motivation from the management by providing us the contact numbers of the parents and making a schedule to conduct classes in the evening to facilitate learning. The partnering of parents in their child’s learning brought major momentum to this initiative.To make it a two way channel of communication, we have set objectives of the day by sending the images, notes and video links in the early morning along with a set of questions that children get to think and work on and send it back to us. Then the same topics were taken up in the evening class with the teacher as moderator on whats app or zoom for a brainstorming session by using asynchronous and synchronous mode. The learning outcome was checked by conducting quizzes, worksheet completion & various activities.

    The children showcased their learning by model making,power point presentations with voice over, there by demonstrating their knowledge beyond classrooms and adapting well in the face of adversities.

    Class 8

  • Bhagirathi – Activity -Micro organisms -Friends or Foe
  • Saniya – Activity – Synthetic Fibres & Plastics
  • Class 9

  • Kavya- Activity – Matter in our Surrounding
  • Madhusudan – Activity – Fundamental Unit of Life
  • Class 10

  • Akshitha – Power point Presentation – Sources of Energy
  • Nandini – Model making – Life Processes
  • During this pandemic, Management of Vidyadaan School and teachers have taken steps to continue teaching students by conducting online classes for all subjects.

    For this purpose, teachers have put efforts to map the curriculum with real life experiences and applications to bring out the inherent talents of children in science curriculum. The responses of the students were captured in videos and feedback were given. We are striving to cope with this new normal and keep our studies inline.

    Roopa S
    Science Department

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