To nurture and grow future citizens by focusing on under privileged and rural students from their early age and stage through schooling, where in they learn empathy, caring for nature and fellow beings, to have kindness in words, thoughts and deeds, to act and respect honesty, to be self reliant and enterprising, to be strong in their convictions and aims.


Through early age education in rural schools to educate and impart Life skills to students who are our future citizens. To help the students to learn, abide by and live a life of high ethical and moral values. Such students will become and make themselves model citizens.

By year 2022 establish at least 10 such rural schools across India to deliver more impact. These schools are to be formed working with like minded groups and organizations who have such mission and vision in their charter.

current challenges

Today our education system fosters competition amongst students and concentrates on performance based outcomes, but unfortunately churns out literates chasing material and personal prosperity causing huge income in-equality.

Our World is facing global challenges that dog humanity like literacy, poverty, homelessness, hunger, climate change, corruption, corporate negligence environmental degradation, terrorism and other such.

Our approach

Advocating quality education for all & providing educational tools like computers & internet have the power to create a level playing field & an opportunity of the rural poor to meet their expectations, hopes & dreams. Equipping them with computing competencies, fluency in communication, skills of critical thinking, decision making & problem solving in the digital world helps them join the knowledge based workforce & prepares them to become leaders & entrepreneurs in the new global economy.

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