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Vidyadaan started as a small school in the outskirts of Bangalore, in Dodballapur in 2009, with 2 teachers & 48 children in Lkg. From it's modest beginnings, over the last 9 years Vidyadaan educates almost 400 children till grade 7 through 25 motivated teachers & boasts of facilities like play equipments for children, sports ground with volleyball & basketball courts, a well appointed library, computer lab & AV room.

Primary aim of the school is to encourage students to be responsible, self-reliant, give them a world view to meet daily challenges & shape character & personality. Imparting moral values to answer daily ethical questions is part of Vidyadaan’s curriculum.

The cost of illiteracy is well known & the fact that it drags our country into an abyss cannot be ignored. Vidyadaan plays a small part in removing this malaise and provides our students an opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Given the number of hours our children spend watching Television, movies, media & playing video games it is imperative that our teachers engage them in a meaningful conversation on various issues, watch videos together with them to help them differentiate between right & wrong, give them a moral compass to develop a positive belief system. We believe beliefs drive behaviour & in this world of disintegrating values, developing a culture of caring & loving all, teaching good virtues like respectfulness, integrity, perseverance, hard work, co-operation, working for common good over personal gain will guide them to make correct choice & take tough decisions.

Today’s girl is tomorrow’s mother. In the Indian context, a woman makes maximum social & economic impact & is responsible for upbringing. India already debilitated by extreme poverty & illiteracy has to fight deeply entrenched social evils like child marriage, Purdah, dowry, female infanticide & discrimination against girl child education. These evils can be overcome by educating the girl child & not by reservations in panchayats & parliament alone. Empowerments have been more successful when women are put in the forefront as in the case of microfinance schemes, supporting the women entrepreneurs or supporting self-help groups. Empirical evidence points to many of the Govt. rural development programs like population control, polio eradication, operation flood being successful due to women participation. So educating the girl child would amount to educating the family, society & ultimately educating India.


Grades Lkg to 7th
Number of students 395
Full time teachers 25
Contract staff 11
Average Student staff ratio over 8 years 1 teacher for every 19 Students
Teachers - Graduates 16 Nos out of 25
Average monthly income of parents per month INR 7,000
Average Attrition over 8 years 5 students p.a. out of 350 students
Average attandance of children over 8 years 94%
No of Trees Planted in school premises 350
Total expenses for 2016-17 INR 85,21,366

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