Most of us are unaware that there is child within us whose excitement knows no bounds and this is at its peak at the announcement of an unexpected holiday. And we teachers are no different and experienced the same when lockdown was announced.

But soon realization dawned that we would not be returning to our class rooms in near future. Online classes had to be started across the school. We had to gear up and try all means to cajole our rural kids to e-classrooms.

Though we teachers at Vidyadaan are computer literates, the abrupt push into an unfamiliar and uncharted terrain of “online” classes was stressful indeed.

Nevertheless we worked as a team on all possibilities to update ourselves to start our virtual classes.Gathering information from all possible sources under the sun like : calling up people in our contact list working in the same profession, making sense of instructions given by technical people of our school, information from You Tube etc .. became our routine in the initial days.

After testing water with an experimental online staff meeting on “Zoom” platform (which we had never heard of before) we knew that all the teachers of other departments were in the same boat as well.


Now our real journey began with challenges at every step. Coping up with basics to more structural issues like e-lesson plans ,new teaching methodologies, trial and error methods of generating teaching aids like PPT, self videos, work sheets, google forms etc was one part while holding the interest and attention of students who are miles away, corrections of CWs, HWs and Unit Test papers of students sent on whatsapp demanded next level of patience. Kids are savvy enough to handle all modern gadgets but yet not mature enough to understand the efforts of a teacher nor the graveness of
the situation. In addition to this rains, net work issues , power cuts, ensured to make their presence felt.

In spite of all these challenges WE the teachers of Social Science Department are proud of our efforts in taking our children beyond text books – conducting awareness activities, encouraging them to take part in essay, singing competitions conducted by various organizations like Akhila Barata Vidhyarthi Parishad.

Our children were invited to attended a Google meet by Rashtriya Swayamsevaka Sangha on 26th July where they got to hear about Kargil war and inspirational stories of our brave soldiers. Many such activities are in store – planned for future events like Independence day.

We have left no path unexplored to reach out to our students. It has been a pleasure working in team exploring and learning new things each day.


Roopa S
Department of Social Science

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