” Mathematics is the universal key to unlock solution to all our problems in almost all facet ”
OVERVIEW Mathematics holds a strong and unbreakable position as compared to other school subjects. with this reason mathematics is more stable and important than other school subjects. The way in which the structure of subjects becomes weak, its truthfulness reliability prediction also decreases in the same manner. On the basis of this specific structure the nature of each subject is determined and placed in the school curriculum”.


To enable the pupils to understand the use of numbers and quantities related to their daily life.
To develop the skills to use the modern mathematical devices like computers.
To develop the abilities of analysis, synthesis, reasoning and computation.
To prepare child for technical professionals such as bankers, cashiers, scientists, audits accountant and the mathematics teacher.
To give practical knowledge of mathematics to face day today problems.


At home some people aren’t even out of the bed before encountering maths. setting an alarm and hitting snooze, they may quickly need to calculate the new time they will arise.
In travel , Travelers often consider their mileage when fueling up for daily trips. At school, students can’t avoid Math , most take it every day.
However even in history and English class they may need to know a little Math.
At stores while buying coffee or car the basic principles of math are at play pastimes ,even of -time can be a maths time, especially when playing basketball , baseball they need to know little bit of statistics and geometry.

In Vidyadaan, Mathematics is introduced as a comrade and a friend. In almost every facet of life in nature and various technologies in our hands we need mathematics. Mathematics is the language of science and engineering describing our understanding of all that we observe.

Recognizing and appreciating the invisible and indirect implications of mathematics in daily routine, learning and teaching becomes more enjoyable and productive.

Janardhanan .A